1) Panel Discussion- Current Issues in front of Banking and Financial Services companies –

  • Current issues faced by banking and financial services companies
  • Effect on banking and financial services companies due to regulatory issues including changes in Aadhar Act and Data protection laws.
  • Recovery and related issues 
  • Best Practices followed by banks and financial services companies to tackle with litigation, recovery and compliance. 

2) Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code – A new paradigm for stressed assets:  

  • Understanding      the IBC  
  • Understanding      the process followed in bankruptcy proceedings 
  • Important      clauses of IBC which every company should know  
  • Insolvency      professional and its role   
  • Precautions      to be taken in case of insolvency proceedings   
  • Use      of IBC in recovery of amounts due  
  • Role      of IBC in current market scenario   
  • Investment      opportunities in stressed assets  
  • Scrutiny      of documentation etc. is a key requirement for investment
  • What’s      better resolution through out of court settlement or resolution through      IBC   
  • Recent      Supreme Court/ High Court Judgements
  • Is      IBC a perfect recovery tool

3)  Data Protection Laws in India and GDPR

· Data Protection laws in India and applicability to Banking and Financial Services 

· What is GDPR

· Applicability of GDPR in Banking and Financial Services

· Important provisions of GDPR

· Compliances to be done under GDPR

· Penalties and offences under GDPR

· Precautions to be taken to protect interest of organisation

· Recent updates about GDPR and penalties imposed on companies 

· Can actions against Indian banking and financial services companies may be taken under GDPR and penalties be recovered under GDPR.

4) Perfect Loan recovery tools for companies and financial Institutions:     


  • Understanding      SARFAESI and its process  
  • Use      of SARFAESI effectively  
  • Problems      faced by recovery team during possession and solutions for the same        
  • Precautions      to be taken during the proceedings   
  • Documentation      requirements for the SARFAESI and how to maintain it  
  • Coordination      between teams is a key to success in recover   
  • How      banks, NBFCs take actions under SARFAESI  
  • Current      market sentiments about SARFAESI   

B) Arbitration   

  • Understanding      Arbitration   
  • Amendments      to Arbitration Act  
  • How      to effectively use Sec 9 and 17 of the Arbitration Act  
  • Impact      on recovery due to amendments in Arbitration Act  
  • Is      Arbitration an effective remedy for recovery?   
  • How      to execute Arbitration Award   

C) Negotiable Instrument Act and CRPC  

  • Understanding      the recovery methods using Negotiable instrument Act and CRPC  
  • Is      litigation under Sec 138 of the Negotiable instrument Act effective
  • Process      to be followed during litigation   
  • Importance      of documentation and how to maintain the documents
  • Is      out of court a perfect solution in case of Sec 138 complaints?        
  • Important      judgements you should know   
  • How      banks and NBFC and the companies take actions under these provisions       

5) Agreements and Litigation – A perfect way to secure interest, recovery of amounts due:  

A) Agreements 

  • Understanding      agreements  
  • How      to draft, vet, negotiate agreements in shorter period of time and save      huge cost and increase the profits   
  • Can      agreements save your rights   
  • What      everyone should know about the agreements   
  • Who      should read agreements   
  • What      Directors, owners of the companies know about the agreements   
  • Important      clauses in an agreement which everyone should know  
  • What      should be the process for agreement drafting, vetting and negotiation
  • How      agreements may help in recovery of amounts due   

B) Litigation  

· How agreements help in litigation   

· How to handle litigation effectively   

· Which litigation should be filed for recovery of amounts due and how to handle it effectively for recovery in shortest period of time. 

C) Importance of Documentation 

  • Maintenance      of documentation   
  • How      documentation support the litigation   
  • Issues      faced by the Companies due to incomplete documentation    
  • Filing      of documentation   
  • Importance      of Stamp duty on documentation including various agreements, mortgages,      hypothecation, business agreements etc.
  • Assessment      of stamp duty and adjudication procedure.  

6) Panel Discussion – How to protect company form litigation: 

  • Strategies      to be followed for safeguarding interest of company.  
  • Due      diligence.   
  • Role      of each employee and departments in safeguarding the company.  
  • Company      polices to be framed for safeguarding company.  
  • How      to ensure compliance with applicable laws and safeguard company.        
  • Is      settlement of dispute an effective remedy?